The ambitions of the school are improvement work within contemporary European events in the domain of surdoaudiology, students' life refinement and quality organizing students' leisure time, opening to the local community and actively participating in it. The school has satisfactory capacity space: classrooms for each grade, two cabinets for special audiopedagogical work, room for the pre-school group, a small gym, a snoezelen room, a digital classroom, library, kitchen with the sitting room, dormitories for male and female children, two rooms for students' daily living in the dormitory, as well as contemporary equipped classrooms for practical training for bakers, hairdressers and graphic artists.

Preschool group

At this age it is important to meet children's basic intellectual and motor curiosity through organized play in the function of continuous rehabilitation procedures...

Elementary school

Educational programs and rehabilitation of students with different disabilities; sensory impairments, cognitive disabilities of various types, autism, physical disabilities...

High school

A bakery workshop within the school, a hairdressing workshop equipped according to the prescribed standards, a graphic workshop realizes the necessary lessons...


It is a second home to students in which they spend a lot of time during the school time, and they are under the permanent supervision of teachers...

Professional programs

Individual vocal exercises 2 hours per week per student, phonetic rhythm lessons, corrective gymnastics lessons, snoezelen integration program in the snoezelen room

Free activities

The school organizes a rich program of extracurricular activities and the students are involved in the sports section, creatively, drama, animation school, modern dance...


Teachers and professors







Educational profiles

High school prepares students for occupations baker III degree, hairdresser III degree and bookbinder III degree. Theoretical work and practical teaching is done in school. The school works in the area we are every year adapt and modernize. Workshops are equipped with modern machines and appliances necessary for proper practice. The aim is to get involved as much as possible and get closer to the modern way of teaching with the help of modern technologies.

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